A Transient Affair

As the concrete jungle seems to be taking over, every time I would spot an “anonymous” looking plot of land, overgrown, surrounded by crumbling brick walls or rusted gates I would feel in awe and despondent at the same time. Despondent because I don’t know what will become of it in the future, I have no say in that. It will most likely turn into something with a lot less green, a lot more concrete, and very explicitly inaccessible to the public, and what I dread most, another high rise of some sort. But before that happens, it lingers with all the things it could be in my head-something green, something that draws you in, rather than blocks you out. I enjoy the mystery of everything it is at that moment and everything it could be but perhaps never will

“…I fell in love with this contradiction that such wilderness could grow in such square lands. Sometimes the boundaries were built to and complemented their wild occupiers by letting cracks open up to what goes inside. Green forests blossoming, bursting. Still, they’re squeezing through any and every pore they can find in the soil. I let out of breath too when I see them. These are my forests in limbo.”

The Sofa. Bishalnagar plot. Video: Irina Giri
It cut my heart. Kupondol plot. Video: Irina Giri

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